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The Superbonder Lashes by Tini increases the flexibility of any eyelash glue or adhesive. After just 3 minutes of applying the product, customers can already wet their eyelashes without waiting 24 hours for the glue to harden. Since cyanoacrylate is not very flexible once dried, extensions may fall out prematurely. This product therefore increases flexibility, which increases retention by up to 30%. Your customers will thank you!

  • Increases retention by 30%
  • Reduces eye irritation and the risk of glue-related allergies since once polymerized, the glue no longer contains allergens
  • Gives off little or no steam
  • Gives more flexibility at the connection point
  • Complete polymerization in 3 min
  • Works with all glues
  • Replaces the nanomister and the nebulizer
  • One bottle can serve up to approximately 150 customers, for an average of $0.33 per customer!*

*Based on an application of 0.10 mL per client. The average quantity may vary from one technician to another, depending on their work technique.

Use : Two minutes after applying eyelash extensions, apply a very small drop of Superbonder to a microbrush. Apply along the glue bonding point. Wait 3 minutes for your client's lashes to air dry.

Ingredients : Water, L-Arginine, Propylene glycol, Leucine, Citric acid, Retinyl palmitate, Sodium chloride

Storage : Store away from sunlight. Can be stored on your workstation. Can be stored for up to 6 months after opening.

For professional use only.

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