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Unlock your potential as an eyelash artist with the Eyelash Extension Training Head!

Perfect for beginners as well as those looking to refine their skills, this innovative tool offers a realistic eyelid to perfect your eyelash extension techniques and bring your creativity to life. Practice leads to perfection and with this mannequin head you will be able to master the art of eyelash extensions in no time. So, if you're ready to take your lash tech level to the next level, invest in the YourLASH Eyelash Extension Training Head and start perfecting your craft today!

Among its strong points:

Multiple layers of eyelashes that closely resemble a client's natural eyelashes; Perfect for practicing working with layers, isolating, removing and testing eyelash extensions schemes; Removable eyelid that you can swap or replace when needed; Note: Please clean it properly after each use.

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