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Sticky Adhesive™ - Vegan Lash Lift Glue | Superior grip

Sticky Adhesive™ - Vegan Lash Lift Glue | Superior grip

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Sticky Adhesive™ - Vegan Lash Lift Glue | Superior grip

Discover our new Sticky Adhesive™, the go-to glue for Lash Lift technicians looking for superior adhesion.

Liquid and sticky texture

With its liquid and sticky texture, our Sticky Adhesive™ allows quick and easy application in just 2 to 3 movements, saving you time and ensuring a flawless result.

Superior adhesion

Our Sticky Adhesive™ lash lift glue is made with high-quality ingredients, ensuring superior adhesion for professional results. Get perfectly fixed and long-lasting eyelashes.

100% vegan and animal friendly product

We are proud to offer you a 100% Vegan product, without formaldehyde or parabens. Use our Sticky Adhesive™ with confidence, respecting your ethical values ​​and caring for animals.

The perfect tool for perfect eyelashes

Whether you're a beauty professional or a Lash Lift enthusiast, our Sticky Adhesive™ is the perfect tool for achieving perfect lashes. Rely on its quality and efficiency for exceptional results.

Order now and see for yourself why our Sticky Adhesive™ is the preferred choice of Lash Lift Technicians!

Achieve gorgeous lashes and superior adhesion with our trusted glue.

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