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Disposable Applicator

Disposable Applicator

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Disposable fiber-free applicator (pack of 50)

The lint-free applicator has a soft, lint-free fiber that gently cleans between your clients' lashes.

They can also hold a sufficient amount of product and can be used to apply the preparer and thinner.

Disposable eyeliner applicator

Disposable brushes help keep you hygienic and prevent infections.

A useful product for personal or professional makeup.

Soft and thin touch, comfortable feeling for makeup. Gives you uniform and delicate makeup.

Ultrafine fiber bristles provide a fantastic makeup experience. Make your makeup more charming and full.

Disposable nylon bristle applicator

Disposable multi-purpose makeup brush and small lip brush.

Soft bristles provide smooth coverage of lipstick or gloss.

For makeup and mascara after curling your eyelashes.

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