Your work plan

Every eyelash extension technician who wants to make a full living from her activity must have an optimized and clean work plan throughout the day. The main thing is to have on hand the tools necessary for applying extensions , whether Russian volume or eyelash extensions. In addition to tweezers, you need to make sure that formulas like eyelash extension glue or eyelash shampoo are in good condition. In this article, we give you all the advice for preparing and keeping a tidy and clean work surface .

You have to tidy up! Of course you have to put away your work surface after each day spent in your eye beauty salon, but you also have to put everything back in place before each new client.

You know that to prepare your client's eyelashes, you will need a makeup remover (if mascara), an eyelash cleansing foam or even a primer, among others. In this case, make sure you store them in the same place ! Equip yourself with acrylic storage so that your work surface is optimal and store the products according to the installation steps.

Here is a product exclusive to YOURLASH.CA that will keep your ceramic plates protected from dust.

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