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Maintaining your eyelash extensions is essential. It is important to understand this in order to extend their lifespan and make life easier for the technician during touch-ups . and above all to avoid damaging your own eyelashes…

Our tips for increasing the lifespan of your extensions and preventing them from falling out

Eyelash extensions are very fine and require delicacy. Sudden movements such as rubbing your eyes, pulling your extensions, or crushing them are all elements that will cause the premature loss of your extensions. In a word: the less you touch them with your hands, the longer you will keep them.

  • The crystallization time of the glue takes up to 24 hours; that is to say, it takes at least 24 hours for the glue to is completely dry. You should therefore absolutely not put water on your extensions during this period of time. If you can wait up to 48 hours, even better!
  • It is absolutely necessary to avoid contact with too large a quantity of water vapor (sauna, hammam, hot shower). Steam can cause the glue to soften and cause the extensions to fall out more quickly.
  • DO NOT PUT MASCARA on the extensions. Mascara weighs down the eyelashes, will bother you around the eyelid and will damage your extensions.
  • DO NOT use cotton when removing eyelid makeup because it will nestle between the extensions and the eyelid.

Things you can do with your eyelash extensions

  • Apply makeup to your eyelid and apply eyeliner, as long as you are delicate in your movements and don't have too heavy a hand on the eyeshadow.
  • Continue to live completely normally!

Useful products for your eyelash extensions

  • The makeup remover, specially developed for people who wear makeup, even with extensions. In order not to damage the extensions, it does not contain oil and is odorless.
  • Eyelash shampoo. It is an essential product. The more time passes, the more the extensions stiffen and dust can accumulate near the eyelashes. It is important to clean the eyelashes well, in order to maintain impeccable hygiene and avoid the formation of bacteria. Thanks to this shampoo, your synthetic eyelashes remain black and soft all year round.
  • The serum It allows natural eyelashes to strengthen considerably after 14 days of application of the product. The result will be visible very quickly and will delight you!

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