The Russian volume

What is the Russian Volume?

It is the act of gluing several eyelash extensions onto the same natural eyelash.

This technique allows you to obtain a much more intense volume than with the classic technique. Many of you ask us if we can perform this technique with any eyelash extensions, of course the answer is no.

You can well imagine that an eyelash of 0.25 mm thickness can only be used for eyelash to eyelash technique , in fact this is the thickest eyelash, and it would be completely illusory to think that you can glue a bunch of several eyelashes of this thickness on the same natural eyelash.

The secret of Russian Volume lies in the finesse of the extensions. These must absolutely have a thickness not exceeding 0.07 mm. So you can use 0.05 mm or 0.07. Use a quality eyelash like the YOURLASH.CA range, to make bouquets more easily

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