How to become faster??

How to reduce the time spent applying eyelash extensions. It's safe to say that the vast majority of us, if not all, want to speed up our exposure times. The more customers you have, the more money you make. Your customers will be satisfied overall if their visit is completed in a shorter time. This is done, of course, without sacrificing product quality or safety.

Most lash artists would probably agree that three hours is too long to wait for voluminous lashes. Some lash salons can't afford to keep their doors open for an extra hour. The good news is that you can speed up the process without sacrificing quality by using simple tips and tactics.

  1. Setting up - materials and tools for eyelashes

It is crucial to have the proper setup with your tools. All clips, tapes, brushes, etc. are included. should be close to you, within reach, either on a cart or on a side table. This all makes it much easier when the lash supplies you need are in front of you since you're seated during the entire service. This takes crucial docking time; if you need to bend over, get out of the chair to dig through the stock for the appropriate lash tray. The implementation is personal and individual for each person; so, it may take some time to find the "perfect" setup in your cart, on a table, etc.

Place them where you won't have to stretch or get up from your seat to get them. Put your time and effort wisely.

Good lighting is crucial for any cosmetic service. In particular, lash artists need a clear view of every lash, even the smallest ones. As they project light downward and upward, ceiling lights, beauty lights and ring lights are ideal. If the light comes from one side, half of the customer's face will be dark and it will be impossible to apply eyelash glue. The time it takes to whisk something will decrease if you can see what you're doing.

  • Magnifying glasses

Applying for eyelash extensions will be much easier if you have proper lighting and can see all the lashes clearly. Eyelash adhesives are a gadget that no one wants. While not strictly necessary, magnifying glasses can be helpful if you've been whipping around all day and are having trouble seeing well.

Premade and Promade fans can be a lash artist's best friend. Premades or promades are your saviors if you experience a major slowdown or your bouquet creations aren't performing as expected. Having some on hand is often helpful in these situations.

Unlike building bouquet volume manually, using promade requires no additional training from the user. The application of these false eyelashes is quite similar to regular lashes, except that additional adhesive is required at the base. It may take a little practice, but in the end it's faster than building a fan by hand.

Not only is maintaining good posture important for your health, it can also slow down the speed at which you can land blows. When the customer is lying down for service, you need to make sure you are seated at the correct height. Back and neck pain can be caused by sitting too high or too low, and if the problem is not treated in its early stages, it could result in a shorter career. Where possible, you should aim to place the client's head under your chest or bust. If they are sitting too low on the pillow, you should politely ask that they stand up, so that they are closer to you. When you position the client, her head is under your bust, you will have a better view of her eyelashes. You will feel less discomfort and the tension in your neck and back will be reduced because we want you to have a successful and rewarding career!

  • Prepare everything in advance.

Make sure you have clean clips, disinfect everything, check you have fresh glue, turn on and prepare your music, etc. Cut your ribbon. When you do all the little things in advance, you save time. If you know your clients and they have made an appointment for a fill, you will be able to remember the precise lengths and curves you used on that client. During the lash session, you won't have to waste time searching through your lash trays because of this. The secret to success lies in preparation and organization! Consider getting thepad holder exclusive to YOURLASH.CA

  • Start with the most difficult ones.

It has been shown time and time again that professionals are significantly less likely to make mistakes at the start of the day (or even at the start of an appointment), whether on the day or the appointment. Professionals have a better eye for detail and can concentrate for longer. For this reason, it is recommended to start by tackling the most difficult lashes first. You should start by working on the inner and outer corners of your client's eyes and those annoying baby lashes that are hard to see. It will save you time and tension if you take care of these things as soon as your client arrives for the appointment. No more running around to put the finishing touches on things right before the appointment ends. Keep in mind that you should never neglect interior or exterior corners. A finished and professional appearance cannot be achieved without them. Put the simplest ones at the end, and the whole thing will end up like a piece of cake!

  • Less chatter

During an eyelash extensions session, it is impossible to remain completely silent due to the nature of the procedure. This would not only be extremely strange and uncomfortable, but would also prevent you from developing a relationship with your customers. It's best to catch up and chat at the start of the appointment if they arrive while you're administering an eyelash wash or other treatment, etc. Inform the client that you can complete the eyelash application in a shorter time frame if there is less time. chatter during the session. Allow them to rest and recharge with a refreshing nap. A lot of clients take advantage of this time to sneak in a quick nap and catch up on their sleep schedules. Always make sure your client has a comfortable experience when using your lash bed. If you are an extremely experienced lash technician and are good at chatting while you work, you are exempt from this particular requirement. Keep in mind that when you're conversing with a customer, they're more likely to open their eyes. Remind the client that for their safety, they must keep their eyes closed throughout the process.

  • Make sure your customers put their phones away.

Some customers should expect to be contacted by email, text and phone call on an ongoing basis. Some people will even ask you to read a text out loud or answer the phone when they receive a call. This takes time from the scheduled appointment for eyelash extensions. It's a good rule of thumb to let your clients know in advance that you won't allow them to use their phones while they're getting their eyelashes done. After all, people can't see their phones and you can't go on a rampage reading emails out loud. Inform your clients that they can check their phones before and after their scheduled session. If there is a crisis or someone is waiting for an essential call, you will always make an exception.

  • Get a hygrometer.

It's possible that your adhesive will start acting strange when temperature and time continue to fluctuate. Using a hydrometer can help you overcome these challenges and serve as a point of reference.

  • Practice on a mannequin and a sponge.

Be sure to practice on an eyelash mannequin or sponge before applying false eyelashes. Striving to improve your speed through regular practice is essential.

You need a lot of practice to perform the micromovements involved in applying the adhesive, insulating the area, and forming the fan. Your speed will improve noticeably if you commit to doing this daily for at least an hour or two.

The tape can divide the lower lashes when working on them, which can help you visualize the lashes better when working on the inner corners of your eyes. You will spend much less time searching for the exact lashes to place the extension on, saving you time and making a huge difference in the timing of the process.

  • Use lash cards.

When you are starting out, doing eyelash mapping is necessary. This is especially true if you're not used to the different curls, lengths and styles of lashes you'll be applying to your clients.

Plus, it's much simpler and takes a lot of guesswork out of your set, which is especially helpful if you have trouble keeping track of things, forgetting, or thinking about a lot of things. It is a great help and allows you to get more work done quickly.

Things clients can do to help speed up lash application.

  • Arrived with clean eyelashes and a clean eye area

Your clients can help you complete the eyelash extension procedure faster if they keep their appointment times and arrive on time for their appointments and clean their eyelashes before entering. If they arrive with their eye area pre-cleaned, you can immediately begin applying the gel eye pads and lashes to their set. If you find minor traces of makeup residue or debris on the client, it will be quicker and easier to clean in a few minutes rather than spending half the time cleaning everything. This will save you time.

Remind your clients that they should also wash their eyelashes every day, and if they don't know how to properly clean their extensions, gently remind them how to do it.

  • Be punctual for scheduled events

This involves arriving at the salon five minutes before the scheduled appointment time begins. You are aware that various factors can cause client delays, but ensuring you leave with more than adequate time to be at the salon will ensure that the service begins on time. Clients will also make the most of their session to get their eyelashes done. If they're five or ten minutes late for their appointment, that can cut into the time allotted for lash application and the results may not be to the level you'd like them to leave with.

  • Silent treatment

While having a strong relationship with your clients is essential to the success of your business, it is not always beneficial throughout the entire eyelash application process. This can hurt clients' lash time if they engage in lengthy discussions while you're working.

When clients chat, this indicates that their faces are moving, making it more difficult to apply their eyelashes (especially if the client is lively, even with their eyes closed, or when smiling and laughing), resulting in more time spent.

When lash artists are too engaged in discussion, they are unable to concentrate on the lashes and they are also unable to get into the right mindset, resulting in wasted time.

If a client is not in a good mood and simply needs some quiet time to be pampered, you can also recommend "silent treatments." When applying lashes, most salons allow clients to bring their wireless headphones to catch up on their favorite podcasts or listen to music of their choice. This is because bulky, bulky headphones that hang over the head could interfere with the lash artist's sitting position. In this method, the eyelash artist can create the perfect set of eyelashes for you using their skills.

  • Avoid drinking anything caffeinated before the appointment.

Caffeine may cause the client to use the restroom more frequently and may also make the client's eyes agitated. The difficulty of applying lashes is increased when a person has floaty eyes, resulting in a much longer appointment.

Final Thoughts

The only thing that will improve your timing with quality eyelash extensions is practice, practice and more practice. It certainly doesn't hurt to have a few ideas to help you along the way, right? We hope these tips help you become a faster whipper. We guarantee that if you put these tips into practice, you will notice a difference in both your speed and your wallet.

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